Facilitation Services

When outcome stakes are high, a well-designed, interactive and properly facilitated meeting can make all the difference. I help organizations experience high-impact meetings that lead to better decisions, better actions, and ultimately better results. Whether your meeting is a few hours or a few days, I can help.

I can facilitate strategic planning, operational planning, brainstorming sessions, project planning, board retreats, issue resolution and post-event debriefing. 

End-to-End Facilitation

Pre-work: Conduct interviews, clarify goals and objectives, design the agenda, and plan activities
Logistics: Design meeting room layout, finalize meeting flow and prepare materials
Setup: Configure meeting room, set up and test AV equipment
Facilitation: Encourage full participation, keep the meeting focused and on track, resolve conflicts and build consensus, and gain the participants’ commitment to action
Wrap-up: Collect all meeting documentation and materials
Reporting: Prepare final report documenting open items, topics discussed, and actions agreed to

Packaged Facilitated Sessions

These are pre-built sessions ready for delivery. As such, they are offered at a one-time cost.

Survival Leadership

How do you lead people in times of crisis? Whether you’re faced with an emergency caused by weather or technology, or your organization is facing economic uncertainty or organizational change – your leadership will be tested. This session combines a survivor mentality with popular leadership program elements. Participants learn to:

  • Develop their “survivor” personality using the 6 qualities of survival leaders
  • Sharpen their instincts by asking the right questions and avoiding common pitfalls
  • Manage emotion and reason to make decisions and lead people
  • Determine when to follow a plan and when to throw it out

Understanding Disaster Behaviour (also called Disaster-Proof Teams) 

Is your team resilient? Can they thrive – and strive – in uncertain times? Understanding behaviour patterns in emergencies helps individuals to be more self-aware and helps teams to communicate effectively, assign roles based on strengths and withstand uncertainty. In this high-energy session, we take the culmination of the best disaster research to identify:

  • How do people react in crisis-like situations?
  • What people are likely to do in an emergency and how can you change or support that behaviour?
  • What elements are critical to team success under pressure?

Making Tough Decisions & Managing Stress

Navigate through the five schools of decision making and address challenges head on. Understand what motivates others to make decisions and better understand your ability to make decisions under duress. In the second half, you’ll understand the effects of stress on decision-making. Learn the triggers of different stress reactions and how to manage stress and self-care for optimal performance.