Crisis Management

Emergency Response Services

Consultant-built emergency response plans include a hazard and risk assessment, mitigation planning, overall preparedness markers, response plans and recovery strategies. I bring a wealth of subject-matter expertise to provide depth in your plans and preparatory measures. A keen focus remain on the long-term business needs of your organization. Leveraging our people-first approach, we work with all areas of your business.  

Business Continuity Services

The goal our business continuity services are simple: we work to make your organization more resilient to potential threats; allowing you to resume or continue operations under adverse or abnormal conditions. Whether your organization is large or small, we know you provide a value service to your clients. Open Door plans help you to ensure that continuity of service using plans that focus on leveraging your assets, taking care of your people, getting back to business and reducing loss.

Crisis Communications

Crisis management is a critical organizational function. Failure to implement sound crisis communication protocols can result in serious harm to your organization’s public trust and confidence – and its long-term sustainability. No one can deny the need to communicate in a crisis is immediate and unending. PR practitioners, even freelance consultants in this area, are an integral part of crisis management teams. I offer clients custom plans to suit you needs. I don't believe the same crisis planning framework fits all organizations, so your plan is as unique as your business.