Communications Services

Strategic Planning

What you decide to do (or not do) today determines where your business will be tomorrow. The purpose of strategic planning is to define the vision, set targets, and decide in which markets the company will be active, and which markets will not be pursued. An effective, open-minded approach that explores all strategic options can give your organization a real edge over your competitors. My strategic planning process is practical, effective and results-oriented. It is very well suited for organizations with limited time and resources that want results.

Public Relations Storytelling

Brand storytelling and PR isn’t new, but it’s rarely leveraged to its full potential. Great communicators know the heart of brand storytelling lies with focused, strategic public relations. Whether you’re looking to break news, dig deep, or develop your brand – we can help. We know great PR connects the dots. A skilled practitioner knows how to make connections between brand messages and attributes and other, larger stories. No matter what organization your are or what you do, the outcome is always the same: to build a bridge between our brand and your audience. We can help.

Internal Communications

Strong communications are the heart of strong organizational culture. Proactive, response communications systems increase the trust and confidence of your most valued asset: your people. Mountains of research have supported that when people feel informed and valued as communications stakeholders, they increase their connection and ownership of their role, in turn driving productivity, innovation and performance. Invest in my services to bring long-term change to your organization. I will build and coach your internal communications program to deliver information that supports two-way engagement from employees and leaders. 

Media Relations

Here's a fun fact: 43% of paid professional journalists don't read news releases. So if this has been your approach, it's time to innovate. In the whelm of media relations, the secret is in the second half of the phrase: relations.

My services are about transforming and creating stories that matter. I offer:  

  • Target media identification
  • Creative, thought-provoking proactive storyline development
  • Media training
  • Aggressive news pitching
  • Rapid reaction news pitching
  • Scheduling and facilitating media interviews
  • Coordinating launch events for the media
  • Media coverage scanning and measurement

Crisis Communications

Crisis management is a critical organizational function. Failure to implement sound crisis communication protocols can result in serious harm to your organization’s public trust and confidence – and its long-term sustainability. PR practitioners are an integral part of crisis management teams. I offer clients custom plans to suit their needs. I don't believe the same crisis planning framework fits all organizations, so your plan is as unique as your business. Learn more about this in our crisis management services section.

Speechwriting Services

When the right messages are critical, trust our speech writer, Jennifer Sanford, to develop a compelling, engaging and honest words. For more than 12 years, Jennifer has been writing for a variety of leaders when it mattered most. Trust her intuitive style to help you covey your ideas. Learn more about speechwriting services here.