Great communicators open doors.


Great communicators open doors – to new ideas, new potential and shared understanding. It takes disciplined words, big-picture thinking and a strategic focus to move in the right direction.

My name is Jennifer Sanford and as a freelance communications consultant, I have two goals: to communicate and to connect. I’m a speechwriter, communicator, crisis manager and facilitator. I’m passionate about seeing individuals, communities and organizations thrive under the work and direction of a skilled communications professional. I know the power of the right approach at the right time.

Quite simply, I open doors. And I’d like to open doors for you.

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Jennifer’s thorough and professional approach, industry experience, excellent communication skills and in-depth understanding of our needs led to the ideal outcome for our society.
— Nic DeGama-Blanchet, Friends of Fish Creek Provincial Park Society
We were impressed with the real-life examples and processional training that is offered in an educational and relaxed manner. We look forward to working together over the years.
— Pamela McGladdery, Universal Rehabilitation Services Agency
[Jennifer] has brought in expertise with media messaging, staff training and website design. This is proven invaluable to our organization. She is a pleasure to work with and comes highly recommended for your organization.
— Jannette Festival, NorthernStar Mothers Milk Bank
Jennifer’s approach results in project where actual knowledge transfer occurs, ensuring true organizational change. Her results are often transformative for the organization and inspiring for participants in her process.
— Jeff d-Silva, Propellus